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Canopus ADVC-HD50

Canopus ADVC-HD50

Rechtstreeks HDMI converteren naar High Definition

De Canopus/Grassvalley ADVC HD50 is een hoge resolutie video-converter die een HDMI videosignaal binnenhaald en converteerd naar een High Definition formaat. Zowel pc als mac compatibel.

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Canopus ADVC-HD50

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The Thomson Grass Valley ADVC-HD50 converter lets you instantly convert uncompressed HD video and audio from HDMI devices to the HDV format, output via IEEE 1394 FireWire, for use in your nonlinear editor of choice. Carrying on the design philosophy already present with standard definition (SD) ADVC products, the ADVC-HD50 converter sports a sleek, portable design with an emphasis on simplicity and compatibility; the converter does not require any drivers or software to set up, and is compatible with both PC- and Mac-based editors. The ADVC-HD50 converter will convert any uncompressed HDMI source, such as an AVCHD camcorder, to the HDV format for easier editing. This also reduces the need for a high-performance system or costly hard disk drive storage configurations to work with uncompressed HD video. The converter may also be used to convert non-HDCP-protected video from other HDMI sources, such as game consoles and set-top boxes. Bringing affordable HD flexibility into the professional videography and prosumer workflow, the ADVC-HD50 converter is ideal for: Anyone creating video productions from HDMI sources, with limited resources and/or hardware. Gamers and 3D graphics artists seeking to capture from HDMI sources. Universities and corporate training facilities - can be used as a live input for Thomson Grass Valley MediaEdge. Laptops and desktops that need HDMI ingest without internal hardware to support the input.
  • Connects HDMI-equipped video equipment to FireWire (IEEE 1394)-equipped computers and devices for video editing
  • Converts 1280x720 HDMI to 1280x720 HDV, and 1920x1080 to 1440x1080 HDV
  • Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating system-based HDV editors
  • No need to install drivers or any software applications
  • Powered by FireWire (IEEE 1394) connector
  • NTSC- and PAL-compatible

Stroom-adapter voor Canopus/Grassvalley apparaten. U heeft deze stroomadapter nodig wanneer u de converter gebruikt met de 4 pin firewire aansluiting.
Grass valley stroomadapter